July 2017 Report
Kava fund raiser planned for 11 August. And will have a cake then for Mili’s birthday.
Nancy, new single mum, has joined the program.
Decided we will aim to plant 1000 Dalo suckers each month. We have clear the land and started planting dalo suckers. This is making us all feel good because we can see this as the really good step toward us being financially independent.
Have continued to be showing the breast cancer and testicular cancer self checking videos in peoples houses. Still about 60 houses to do in the area, so we will continue with that before going to another topic. One day was really fun the ladies put on pizzas and like a party
Vegetable garden is going well and we are eating plenty of healthy fresh vegetables ☺
Mili and Fiona have had more work come in from Dolphin Bay Resort so they have taken that opportunities when they can and not so much time in the program this month. They can be away for a week or 10 days at a time so family and friends help with looking after children.