Continuing with below and also we have arranged a doctor to visit the settlement 3rd week of September to do PAP tests for women in the settlement. We will use $70 of donated funds to put on sandwiches and juice for the days.

Vegetable garden
Area where English cabbage and tomatoes were cleared. We managed to get a few ripe tomatoes and some cabbage for lunch.
There were 15 English cabbage growing up beautifully and should be ready in a week or two.
Tomatoes were red big and juicy and area around it was cleared.

Dalo Farming
August Target: plant 500 dalo suckers

Nancy our newest recruit will be doing the spraying. This is done before anything else. This is to clear the large area of any weeds or scrubs. And she will be paid $3 for a can.
Chemical used will be glyphosate. This chemical is used to kill any weeds before planting starts.
Planting will be done a few days after the spraying to ensure that weeds are carefully removed that may otherwise use up all the nutrients needed to allow the suckers to grow well.

Fund Raising
Our very first fund raiser (other than volley ball) will be held on the 11th of August.
We will be selling 50 roti parcel
Each of the women to give in $10 in order to buy a kg of pounded kava for this occasion. This money will be collected on the following Sunday.
Beef worth of $20 will be purchased. This will be the filling plus green pawpaw curry for the 50 roti parcel that will be rolled on the day of the fund raiser.

Our first fund raiser was successful. We had a lot of supporters which was good especially for first starters. We managed to sell all the 50 roti parcel and we managed to collect the money for the cost of kava for the occasion.

After the event we managed to collect $185.55 and after expenses were deducted we managed to have a profit of $138.05

Beef $20
Fuel $12.50
Kava $15

Dalo Farming
Th area was cleared and this was done by spraying it with glyphosate. Also, the area for our next months planting was also cleared. This cost us 12 tanks of chemical.
12 tanks chemical $36
1 glyphosate $12
1 paraquat $13
Total 61

The expenses above was covered with our weekly givings which was $50, however Kathy added in another $11 to complete the amount needed.

Now we have planted 400 suckers in just a weeks’ time and we have paid off for the 400 suckers as well.

Profit : $ 138.05
$11 for the balance of the chemicals and tanks of sprays- Kathy
$80 cost of 400 suckers- Kathy
Amount left: $47.05

Next Months Plans :
Purchase the following with the money:
Chicken manure (1 bag ) $12.50
Fish mill (1 kg) $5
N.P.K. (10 kg) 20
Glyphosate (2) $24
Total : 61.50
Total amount of weekly givings: $9.05