Each women to plant 300 dalo suckers
Each women need to look for their own dalo suckers.

11th Nov
Capsicum, cucumber & tomatoes seedlings were bought. Girls worked on their dalo farms.
Papsmear banner was hung up on Tuesday 7th of Nov.
$3.30 from the project was used to buy a metre of white material to be used as a banner.

Cabbage sale $70.50 and the women had some for their families as well.

The land has been divided into 3 sections. Two women per section Salote & Millie, Kathy & Mereoni, and Fiona & Nancy. They are to clear the area, plant, harvest and sell their own products.

Katti will be held on the 17th of Nov.

16th Nov
Papsmear was held on this day. Chicken palau was made & fruit juice.
More than 20 women showed up for the screening and they were shown the breast checking video.
The doctors and nurse were very happy because since we started this programme there have been more women coming in daily for their pap test. In the Fijian culture this is still considered a “taboo”.
We might have just saved a life.
The women and kids enjoyed the food & drinks provided.

17th Nov
The katti was a success. Quite a lot of people came and had a blast.
In total there were 18 cakes baked. Ten were sold and eight were given as prizes for the katti.

Total money earned was $242.30
Expenses $150.59
Profit $89.71
This was shared among the women and they had $14 each.

The women’s vegetable gardens are looking great now. They are now concentrating on planting tomatoes. There are more than ten plots of tomatoes. Also, being planted are okra, watermelon, French bean, cucumber, capsicum and long bean.

Women had planted their dalo and were given Christmas and new years off to just relax and spend it with family.

Doctor called to tell us that 2 women PAP tests were positive. They are going to Labasa for treatments. Low grade so we hope all will be OK.
More on our focus on this part of the health program in the next report.