3RD June 2017
Email addresses – when giving out the cards to ensure to get as many email addresses as we can
First aid kit- to be shared among other families for their benefit
Drums – need money to buy 3 drums so we can use it for our water containers to water the gardens during the no rain period
Start drying own seeds starting September instead of buying to save money ☺
To be able to pay wages $20 a week for the women at the end of the year
How much $$ per week/month to run the programme
Timesheet for the women- to keep a record of the hours the women put in every week

Shelter – to have the link 2 up again so that it easy for the women to bring their kids up
Finding time – difficult to find time to go up to the farm since no one will be babysitting. This is when it’s raining and really hot to be taking kids up to the farm.

10% to be given to Kathy from the produce sold
10% from the volleyball profit to be given to Fiona’s family
To get the court cleared up by the women only. Not to depend on other people and paying them to do it
For the women to own two volleyball balls. The other ball is for backup ☺
Volleyball to be held on the last Saturday of every month or after every two- three months
Fund raising or “gunu sede” to be held at least once every two months

Rob bought three 44 gallon drums to use as our water containers
Rob Edwards who helped Kathy set up the program was in Fiji and joined the meeting.
Raise money for 1 acre of land for dalo farming by the end of the 4th week of August
$500 donated by the Resilient Women’s Project
Rest of the money will be earned by the 2 fund raising and 1 volleyball competition

September to start drying our own seeds
4th week of August to earn money for 1 acre of land

Jewellery making
BBQ and volleyball in Soqulu