22nd September


We had a new recruit introduced into the project!

Her name is Mereoni Marama.

Planted 200 Chinese cabbages and 10 cucumber.


On the 25th of September a total of 485 of Chinese cabbages were planted! The women left after lunch and started digging their two plots each. We had the boys help out with the digging of the plot and the dalo mounds as well.

Mili planted her 110 dalo suckers for the month of September.


On the 28th of September we had pour health programme held at the health centre which was our Paps Smear programme. I t was a success and we had 13 women show up. The women made sandwich tuna and fruit juice. Two of the women was brought in by her husband.


Some future ideas

Get the women project registered in order to receive donations and perhaps help from the government.

Sell sprouted seedlings


Our first Katti will be held on the 13th of October.


29th September

430 Chinese cabbages were planted!


1st October

October Target

1st week – each women to plant 100 dalo suckers each

2nd week – Hold our first Katti



Baking List for Katti – fund raiser                                                                               Estimated Cost

3 dozen eggs                                                                                       $18.00

4kg sugar                                                                                              $8.00

10 kg flour (Salote)

1 vanilla                                                                                                 $4.00

2 icing sugar                                                                                           $8.00

1 margarine 1kg                                                                                   $9.00



8th October Sunday

On the 7th the women arrived at the farm and started plots for the Chinese cabbages again. Approx. 304 was planted!

The other veggies will be planted once all the sprouted seedlings of Chinese Cabbages are all planted!

All of the dalo suckers that were planted on the last week of last month were given manure. A new bottle of glyphosate is needed to clear the new area for planting dalo this month as well as fishmill for the veggies!


*Katti(Fundrasing)schedule is on track and will be held on the 13th of October as planned and we will be selling roti to as well and also our second Paps Smear programme will be held on the 2nd of November instead of the 26th of October!

* The women are planning on making chicken palau and fruit juice for the Health Programme.


Katti Plan

Ladies will give $10 each to buy kava for this occasion. Salote, however, will not be giving her $10 but instead will buy 1x 10kg flour needed for this event.

Will sell Roti and beef curry as well $1 each.

Will start at 7pm.

Farming Report