Author: Rob Edwards

Sept/Oct 17

22nd September   We had a new recruit introduced into the project! Her name is Mereoni Marama. Planted 200 Chinese cabbages and 10 cucumber.   On the 25th of September a total of 485 of Chinese cabbages were planted! The women left after lunch and started digging their two plots each. We had the boys help out with the digging of the plot and the dalo mounds as well. Mili planted her 110 dalo suckers for the month of September.   On the 28th of September we had pour health programme held at the health centre which was our Paps Smear programme. I t was a success and we had 13 women show up. The women made sandwich tuna and fruit juice. Two of the women was brought in by her husband.   Some future ideas Get the women project registered in order to receive donations and perhaps help from the government. Sell sprouted seedlings   Our first Katti will be held on the 13th of October.   29th September 430 Chinese cabbages were planted!   1st October October Target 1st week – each women to plant 100 dalo suckers each 2nd week – Hold our first Katti     Baking List for Katti – fund raiser                                                                               Estimated Cost 3 dozen eggs                                                                                       $18.00 4kg sugar                                                                                              $8.00 10 kg flour (Salote) 1 vanilla                                                                                                 $4.00 2 icing sugar                                                                                           $8.00 1 margarine...

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August 2017

AUGUST 2017 REPORT Continuing with below and also we have arranged a doctor to visit the settlement 3rd week of September to do PAP tests for women in the settlement. We will use $70 of donated funds to put on sandwiches and juice for the days. Vegetable garden Area where English cabbage and tomatoes were cleared. We managed to get a few ripe tomatoes and some cabbage for lunch. There were 15 English cabbage growing up beautifully and should be ready in a week or two. Tomatoes were red big and juicy and area around it was cleared. Dalo Farming August Target: plant 500 dalo suckers Nancy our newest recruit will be doing the spraying. This is done before anything else. This is to clear the large area of any weeds or scrubs. And she will be paid $3 for a can. Chemical used will be glyphosate. This chemical is used to kill any weeds before planting starts. Planting will be done a few days after the spraying to ensure that weeds are carefully removed that may otherwise use up all the nutrients needed to allow the suckers to grow well. Fund Raising Our very first fund raiser (other than volley ball) will be held on the 11th of August. We will be selling 50 roti parcel Each of the women to give in $10 in order to buy...

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July 2017

JULY 2017 REPORT July 2017 Report Kava fund raiser planned for 11 August. And will have a cake then for Mili’s birthday. Nancy, new single mum, has joined the program. Decided we will aim to plant 1000 Dalo suckers each month. We have clear the land and started planting dalo suckers. This is making us all feel good because we can see this as the really good step toward us being financially independent. Have continued to be showing the breast cancer and testicular cancer self checking videos in peoples houses. Still about 60 houses to do in the area, so we will continue with that before going to another topic. One day was really fun the ladies put on pizzas and like a party Vegetable garden is going well and we are eating plenty of healthy fresh vegetables ☺ Mili and Fiona have had more work come in from Dolphin Bay Resort so they have taken that opportunities when they can and not so much time in the program this month. They can be away for a week or 10 days at a time so family and friends help with looking after...

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June 2017

JUNE 2017 REPORT 3RD June 2017 OBJECTIVES Email addresses – when giving out the cards to ensure to get as many email addresses as we can First aid kit- to be shared among other families for their benefit Drums – need money to buy 3 drums so we can use it for our water containers to water the gardens during the no rain period Start drying own seeds starting September instead of buying to save money ☺ To be able to pay wages $20 a week for the women at the end of the year How much $$ per week/month to run the programme Timesheet for the women- to keep a record of the hours the women put in every week ISSUES Shelter – to have the link 2 up again so that it easy for the women to bring their kids up Finding time – difficult to find time to go up to the farm since no one will be babysitting. This is when it’s raining and really hot to be taking kids up to the farm. LAND RENT 10% to be given to Kathy from the produce sold 10% from the volleyball profit to be given to Fiona’s family Volleyball To get the court cleared up by the women only. Not to depend on other people and paying them to do it For the women to own...

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April 2017

APRIL 2017 REPORT 23RD APRIL 2017 Monday – cleared area and ploughed the area for planting English cabbage, dug 30 holes. Harvested 4 bundles of long bean and 1 plastic of French bean worth $2 Watered other plants and pulled out weeds growing in the long bean plot Wednesday – dug 40 holes for transplanting the capsicum and tomatoes Planted 30 English cabbage and harvested 1 plastic of French bean Watered the vegetables Saturday – planted 28 tomatoes Planted 18 capsicum Watered the vegetables Harvested 5 bundles of long bean and 1 plastic of French bean Vegetable harvested on Saturday was shared among the women (sold two bundles of long bean and shared 3 bundles among the women Volleyball court will be cleared on Tuesday Biri to sponsor our eggplant seedlings MONEY COLLECTED FROM THE SALE OF THE VEGETABLES 6 bundles of long bean = $6 2 plastic of French bean =$4 9th April 2017 Planted 15 long bean, five cucumbers and 10 French bean Cleared area for more planting Pulled out weeds on the previous French bean patch Harvested 1 bundle of long bean Plan for Thursday 13th of April Clear up volleyball court and spray it Need to buy capsicum and English cabbage seeds NEXT VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT PLAN Date: 22/04/17 Start: 10 am Food to be sold: roti, juice and pie Items needed Eggs (sponsored by John)...

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